Life Support Operations

In a dangerous world there are times when the unexpected happens. We are a company that specializes in unforeseen or unplanned events. Sometimes human lives are at stake. Sometimes the area has been hit by a catastrophic event. We thrive on creating order from chaos. In these uncertain events we specialize in creating order, saving human lives and protecting valuable assets. Our capabilities and the capabilities of our partnering companies are well suited for every event that may be catastrophic.

Services for Global Threats
We deliver the highest capability of skills, and manpower to address emerging global threats.

  • Humanitarian aid
  • Specialized emergency response
  • QRF (Quick Reaction Force) teams
  • Provide safe haven for individuals and or companies
  • Real time collection of information or business intelligence
  • EOD teams
  • Extraction teams
  • High threat assessment
  • Partner agencies

From Events, venues, assets and investments our team will not only protect attendees but render aid. With the most sought out and qualified individuals in this space, shadow provides highly trained personnel that are taught to respond in any situation.


Protecting live performance artists throughout a tour, including the crew, musical equipment, and other material goods requires a concert tour within close proximity. Usually, concert tour security is split into two areas of concern: tour security and venue security but we can provide both with the ability to track every guard.


An armed bodyguard is a personal security officer who protects clients from such threats as assault, kidnapping and stalking. Armed bodyguards protect by assessing threats, planning routes and searching cars and buildings. Shadow provides not only qualified but the best in the world. From former special forces personnel to the highest sought-after bodyguards in Hollywood and corporate America.

Executive Security

Executive protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location

Executive Protection

Waya has access to many Professional Security Specialists with real world experience and the ability to adjust the level of protection to the perceived threat. The following disciplines are available for use in the daily operations of the specialists;

Throughout the world there is increased threats that even us in the United States are not exempt from, where our services provide solutions and risk mitigation from workplace violence that can be related to terminations, disgruntled employees or even simple layoffs. Waya has the ability to present many solutions to any volatile situation associated with travel or inside the workplace. Many of our services that will provide strategies and mitigate threats include:

Professional Investigative Services

Waya professional Security Specialists are prepared to respond anywhere in the US and internationally. Many have resided outside the US in many war-torn countries.

Waya conducts short- and long-term deep cover operations, bringing to the table all of the expertise of our investigative and US Special Operations training and experience.

Within these cases that result in the need for asset recovery, Waya will work to trace hidden hard and liquid assets, both domestic and outside the US.

Waya is able to provide you with options to track your corporate assets in order to maximize recovery in the event of a loss. Waya also has experience in the surveillance of extramarital affairs for use in divorce proceedings.

Threat Vunerability/Risk Assessment

The threat/risk is ever changing. In order to stay ahead of ever-changing threats, it is essential to evaluate your risk profile against the causality of risk. We perform risk assessments to gauge the potential impact of risk to organizational objectives and vulnerabilities. Our Threat Vulnerability and risk assessment services are designed to provide you a portrait of your risk posture, so you can understand potential gaps and threats to your organizational objectives. Waya Consulting Group’s TVA/RA can be conducted at an enterprise level down to a site level, simple or complex, local to global.

An accurate and current understanding of your risk profile provides a competitive advantage and is foundational to designing the optimal risk management approach.

Learn how our risk assessment services can work for you

When are Risk Assessments used?

In today’s world, it is critical to have contingencies in place in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, act of terrorism or any other unpredictable calamity. Our response services team can work with you to prepare for – or respond to – emergency events. Because we maintain a global network of offices and resources, we are capable of handling evacuations in many of the world’s hot zones.

Waya can help you prepare for, and respond to, any emergency. We help you map out your emergency response procedures and requirements in advance so you’re never caught off guard. Offering a global network of offices and resources, we are highly experienced with rapid and massive evacuations.

Our team incorporates local personnel who know the language and infrastructure, enabling us to evacuate people rapidly when necessary. And our Protective Intelligence keeps you abreast of evolving information as it unfolds in near real-time.

Armed Response Security

Our scalable armed security and response solutions go beyond protecting just your company’s assets and your employees. When a threat is directed at a principal’s family or close associates, we can provide the auxiliary protection required for those individuals, assets, organizations that are at risk.

Crisis/Disaster Management and Response

Along with our ability to help organization’s and individuals ride out the storm, our main focus is to provide disaster management.  Our staff of professionals arrives on-site within 24 hours of any major disaster to assess damage, collect information, develop strategies, and plans for restoration, clean-up and debris removal.  Waya Consulting Group has the ability to handle large level right of way and right of entry projects as well as debris removal, grinding, and third-party video monitoring in relation to government projects requiring a tracking service.  Our company is dedicated to “Creating Control out of Chaos” by maintaining an experienced professional staff that can accomplish the most difficult of tasks to restore order to any situation.  From Hurricanes to earthquakes, to forest fires, to ice storms, to even terrorist attacks. We provide a level of performance and commitment above and beyond any others within the industry of solution providing and disaster response.

Hostile Termination/ Workplace Violence

In today’s volatile workplace, your organization needs to be prepared for anything and everything. In some cases, reduction in force or the closing of a facility can create a safety and security risk. Companies need to be prepared for a wide array of employee reactions, including the possibility of hostility toward other employees and/or management.

Waya can help you prepare contingency plans before any high-risk terminations take place and we can administer threat mitigation procedures to help you manage any potential workplace violence. In the event of a workplace disturbance, we offer a wide range of risk-mitigating solutions for companies around the globe. Some of our most frequently-requested services before and during workplace issues include: