Providing private and professional security services

Why Choose Us

At Waya Consulting Group LLC, we believe that security services are a vital part of a robust enterprise’s ecosystem. Whether you need immediate protection or are planning for a future event, we can provide an assessment of the situation and customize a protection detail that best fits your needs. Our protection services employ highly skilled assets that provide clients with anything from professional security drivers, to one-time personal protection for executives and assets, to fully-dedicated security personnel in-house, to global asset protection when facing unexpected disasters.

In addition to creating a strategy to mitigate risks, we partner with our clients to implement solutions from start to finish. Our protection services are part of a "boots on the ground" - providing a hands-on experience to ensure our clients' safety.

Waya has worked with an array of organizations and people in different industries, business segments, and roles in different parts of the world. As a result, we have developed a deep understanding of our clients' needs and risk profiles.

Our specialty security services are aligned to your needs and, most importantly, organized to address those needs comprehensively. Leveraging Waya security services can provide your organization with peace of mind and expand your ability to implement security services across the globe.

Whether your organization functions in a single, multi-story environment or operates facilities all over the world, we can develop a comprehensive safety and security plan for you. These plans aim to protect your organization while creating value. Our strategies are designed to protect every element of your business: employees, customers, supply chain, the physical environment, and your products.

You don’t have to sacrifice operational continuity in times of disaster. Whether your facilities have been hit by a devastating hurricane, civil unrest, a labor disruption, or workplace violence — it is crucial to partner with a risk management provider that is experienced, quick to act, and reliable.